Affordable Domain Privacy Services
Since the introduction of WHOIS privacy services in the late 90s companies have been charging high yearly fees for your ability to keep your domain ownership details private. On top of this, using these services locks you into agreements with domain providers that make it difficult to transfer your domain name from one provider to another.
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Why are people still using Domain Proxy Services?

There are a number of reasons for this but the main ones include

1. Spam Reduction

If your email address is available on a public WHOIS listing you can guarantee that your address is the focus of spam. By using our service we block the spam before it gets to you. Do you like spam? No problems, we give you an options to send you that too!

2. Domain Security

When your real details are on the domain, thieves can use these details to find out more information about you and attempt to trick your domain registrar into moving your domain to someone else. By using our service you don’t need to worry about this as your actual details are hidden.

3. Increased privacy

Do you have a site that your parents may find questionable? Perhaps you don’t want people to know the site is yours as this could affect your job or your friendships. By hiding your details with ours - you are safe.

4. Reduced Cost

If you wanted to set-up a similar service you would need to 1.) spend money on setting up a new email address, 2.) incorporating an entity and maintaining that entity each year, 3.) paying for a PO BOX for physical mail, 4.) paying for a telephone number for the entity, and many other hidden costs.


So how much does this cost?

Your normal domain proxy providers charge between $4 - $9 per domain that you want privacy on. We think that’s unfair! We think that you should get a better deal, and think that costs should decrease as you use the service more.

So how about a cost that is just a fraction of that price? Don’t you think that would be more competitive? How about getting down to $0.50 / domain?

What do you get?

Registrar Independence

We are focused on domain privacy ONLY. NOT on selling domains, web hosting and other stuff that you already have. Register your domain with whoever you like – make them give you a good deal and move the privacy along with your domain!

We LOVE Privacy

We are a privacy company and privacy is our main concern. Lost your password? You need to use the system to generate a new one – we can’t see it and we can’t access it. Once an email we receive for you has been on-sent we delete all records of it from our servers.

Custom forwarding address

With our unlimited account we give you a custom forwarding address and the ability to choose where each domain forwards to. Your first domain can forward to your home email and your other domains can forward to your work email. No problems!

Spam is dead!

No more spam! No more spam! Our servers don’t just take care of your WHOIS privacy – we also kill spam so that it doesn’t bother you. However, if you really LOVE your spam, we let you have that too!

Our 30 day guarantee

Don’t like something? Something wasn’t up to your expectations? No Problems – 100% refund coming your way!

Customers come 1st

We LOVE our privacy customers and treat you as a customer should be treated.

Ease of Use

Unlike other domain privacy service providers, we make our system easy to use and navigate. We don’t mind what you want to do and don’t try to lock you in with complexity and fear.


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$200 now $100 / year
$0.50 / domain
$700 now $350 / year
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$0.10 / domain!!
30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
Protection for 10 x domain
Protection for 32 x domain
Protection for 200 x domain
Protection for Unlimited domains
Registrar independent
Fraud & Identity protection
Spam protection
Forwarding to your registered email address
Custom forwarding from each domain to any email address
A non-domain email address for you to use across domains
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